Lighting Design

Note that this is an outline of the typical services provided by AMUSE LIGHTING & CONSULTANCY. Please contact us to discuss any potential projects and receive a full fee proposal with detailed scope of services and deliverables.


Concept Design Stage

This initial stage comprises of meetings with the architects, interior designers and/or client to define the project requirements, design approach and other factors relevant to the lighting design. AMUSE LIGHTING & CONSULTANCY then prepares a Lighting Concept Report, with sketches, diagrams and illustrations to convey the lighting design intent and strategies.

Preliminary Design Stage

This stage involves the development of the concept defined in the previous stage. It usually consists of preliminary lighting layouts on plans or elevations, preliminary schedules indicating the type of luminaire and lamp, preliminary details of critical areas to confirm the feasibility of the installation and lighting calculations to check compliance with international standards. A preliminary budget and load schedule could be added in this stage, depending on the project requirements.

Site Supervision  / Commissioning Stage

Our team performs programmed visits during construction to ensure that the installation of the lighting equipment is performed as planned. Once the installation is completed AMUSE LIGHTING & CONSULTANCY assists in the commissioning, aiming and programming of the lighting equipment. A final inspection then takes place and a report is issued to the client for handover.